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R35 per user/mo

5 GB Space

Help with Setup



R45 per user/mo

10 GB Space

Help with Setup



R65 per user/mo

25 GB Space

Help with Setup

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A professional Email helps build trust and credibility

A professional Email helps build trust and credibility

It cannot be denied that email is a signifact part of business. Most of the communication between employees, teams, businesses and clients happen over email.  A professional Email that matches your business and domain stands out.. it tells your clients that your are serious as you have invested in a unique email address and also builds trust as clients are 9x more likely to choose your business if your email matches your business brand.

email Features

Just what you Need

Easy Access

Our webmail mail portal works great on any device can be accessed anywhere anytime from a browser


Our Professional Email is compatible with most devices and email software such as Outlook or the Mail App.

Easy Setup

Setting up your email across your devices is super easy with our easy to follow instructional videos. But dont fret if you get stuck just get in touch and we will sort you out in a snap.

Full Feature

Easy to use interface boasting contacts, tasks and a calendar. Enjoy ad-free email.


Collaborate with team members using team workspaces, instant messaging and video conferencing

Free Domain Name

All our packages are created to include your domain name. We have geared our packages in such a way that we take care of all the details sothat you can focus on whats important

Full Support

We try to be available  24/7 to solve any queries or technical issues that may arise. Customer service is at our core so we make sure we have a 99.9% uptime. 

No Worries|Free Setup

We take care of everything from registration to setup to make sure you are setup and ready to go with your new email on any/all of your devices. 

Cost Effective

We have created this email plan for the ones who are just starting out or looking for an affordable solution without compromising functionality. 

domain name

Your email will be connected to a domain name. This is great because when you are ready to create your website your domain is already yours

No Worries

We are dedicated to our customers and offering great customer service is at our core.  Rest assured that we will help you set up your email on any of your devices.

full support

We are available 24/7 and we have a 99.9% uptime.

Simple & Cost Effective

Or plans are tailored made with you in mind.. 

Everything You Need

Our professional email can be accessed anywhere at anytime and can sync across all your devices. It boasts an easy to use interface and features such as calendar, conatacts and tasks.

room to grow

We want you to get the best out of your email and have full control over how much you pay. If  you need more space no problems we have created our X-Plans just for this purpose.

24/7 Support

We want to ensure that nothing disrupts our services.. so to ensure this we are available to support you and solve your query asap. Please contact us here sothat we may assist.

Technical Issues: Please note that should your issue be a technical one it is passed to our tech department who is available 08:00 to 16:00 Monday to Friday and is dedicated to sorting out any problems asap.

Customer Trust

A professional email is more likely to help create credibility and build customer trust. It shows that you are invested..  Which do you think looks more trustworthy and professional.. enquiries@pinkbabydoll or .. I think we all know the answer.. so what are you waiting for? 

ideal solution

Our full feature professional email utilises an easy-to-use interface and features such as calender, contacts and tasks. Professional email works great on any device and syncs across all devices. Your mailbox will be ad-free. Everythign you  need without compromising on security

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